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Welcome to the home page of First Gear; the software that enables both new and experienced cyclists to

As of June 2017 First Gear has changed from commercial (license only) software to freeware. You are now free to use it without having to pay a cent. Feedback on what you think of the software would however be appreciated.

In addition to downloading and running the program itself you will need licence keys in order to make it work. This is a hangover from the days when the software was commercial. Keys to unlock all of the program features are freely available below.

The E-Mail address to use for all correspondence is:

[Martin's E-Mail address]

Downloading the latest version

[First Gear logo] Download - First Gear for Windows - V1.04 build 120907, 2.1MB file size.

License keys (valid until 31-Dec-21)

Start First Gear either by way of the desktop icon, or from the start button (Start->Programs->First Gear->First Gear). The first time the application is started, a registration window will automatically appear. Your registration keys must be entered here. Without keys the application will not work.

Enter the block of keys, below. It is strongly suggested that copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) be used to enter the block in one go in order to minimise the chance of an input error. See note 1) below if you are unsure how to do this.


Click on the register button, and a window should pop up confirming successful registration. If it does not, make sure you have copied just the keys, and not extra text before or after.

Congratulations, First Gear is now ready to use!

  1. To copy and paste first highlight the block of keys using the mouse, then hold down ctrl and press the c key. Click in the registration area of First Gear, then hold down ctrl and press the v key.

First Gear is copyright 2006-2008
Martin van den Nieuwelaar
Last updated 16 January 2021

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